Turns Out Those Were Anna Paquin’s Boobs That Popped Up in the Background of a BBC News Segment

“My tits photobombed the news.”

(Image: HBO)

Last week, we interrupted your regularly scheduled scroll through your Facebook feed with this bombshell news item.

It seemed that a BBC employee was watching porn—or something very much like it—while their coworker was trying to, ya know, read the news.


Well, it turns out we were wrong… kind of. The breasts in question did not belong to a porn star, but rather to Oscar-winning actress Anna Paquin. And the scene was, in fact, from her critically acclaimed HBO series True Blood

Allow Anna—who clearly has a great sense of humor—to explain:

Decider explains further:

After a fan coined the term “photoboobed”, Paquin jokingly asked HBO if it counted as “syndication” and if she could claim her royalties in “titcoin“. She also clarified that the accidentally-shown scene was “fairy land graveyard sex” between her character Sookie Stackhouse and [Robert] Kazinsky’s half-fairy, half-vampire character, Warlow, from Season 6.

Kazinsky expressed relief that at least the BBC blunder hadn’t focused on his “tombstone tied donut eating belly.” True Blood, which aired its final episode in 2014, was notorious for its no-holds-barred, supernatural sex scenes, and this unfortunate exhibition was no exception.

Finally, Anna gave a shout out to our pals at Mr. Skin, without whom we’d all still be in the dark.