Watch Anne Hathaway Mind-Control a Giant Korean Monster in Super Bizarre 'Colossal' Trailer

Yeah, this is weird.
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In the upcoming film ColossalAnne Hathaway plays your ordinary girl next door... except with a drinking problem and the extraordinary ability to mind-control a giant Godzilla-like monster wreaking havoc half-way around the world, in South Korea.

The film with arguably the strangest premise of all time just debuted a new trailer, and it brings some reason to the far-fetched concept. Above, watch as Anne Hathaway discovers her telepathic connection to the monster and learns to control it with the help of an old friend, Jason Sudeikis.

(Photos: NEON & YouTube)

(Photos: NEON & YouTube)

Colossal hits theaters on April 7, but it has already premiered at the Toronto Film Festival to positive reviews.