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Question: Which Jeopardy! Host might finally be stepping down?
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Question: Which Jeopardy! Host might finally be stepping down?

Apparently the legendary Alex Tebek is quitting Jeopardy!, and his replacement is…Matt Lauer? The NY Post is reporting that the eternal host of the 49-year-old show (29 of which have been under Trebek’s hosting) might step down in 2016 in favor of Lauer. NBC is also considering Anderson Cooper for the gig. And as good (we guess?) as those guys are, they’ll never be Trebek. Let’s look back at why, shall we? (We shall!)

There was that time he was maybe drunk?

Oh, and the time he shattered a contestant’s sad little dreams!

The time he did not care that your goat is dead…

Or about your college improv group.

Or the time he got a little creepy (but just a little).

And… maybe a little racist?

But it’s ok, because he made Wolf Blitzer look like a total dope.

And best of all, he doesn’t mind not wearing pants!

Can Lauer or Cooper walk in this wonderfully snarky, pantless, condescending genius’ footsteps? We’ll take “Things That Are Never Going to Happen” for $2,000, please.

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