Anthony Bourdain Just Had an Epic Meal with Nick and Nate Diaz

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Will the badass UFC brothers chow down on Bourdain's "Parts Unknown"?

Anthony Bourdain is a big-time MMA fan—so it's entirely possible that these recent shots of him eating Mexican grub in L.A. with Nick and Nate Diaz means the UFC badasses from Stockton, Calif. could soon be on Bourdain's CNN show, Parts Unknown. 

It makes perfect sense: Bourdain is a jiu jitsu freak, Nate was UFC featherweight champion and Conor McGregor arch-rival, while Nick has challenged for the UFC welterweight title and been a Strikeforce champion. Plus, both Diazes are black belts in jiu jitsu, so they could dish plenty of fight advice in between bites.

Let's hope we see this badass crew on Parts Unknown soon.