Anthony Bourdain Tells Maxim About the Most Dangerous Negroni He’s Ever Made

The globetrotting star of CNN’s Parts Unknown on the singular pleasures—and pitfalls—of the Negroni.

Years ago, I was responsible for what I guess you’d call a “Negroni-related incident.” We were shooting an episode in Tuscany, the whole crew staying together at a very nice villa. Having only recently been introduced by Mario Batali to the delights of this Florentine cocktail, I got the bright idea to make a pitcher of them for the crew. The recipe seemed to invite it: One bottle Campari. One bottle sweet vermouth. One bottle gin. Blood oranges were in season, so I used them for garnish.

Well, those things hit you like a freight train after four or five, and I dimly recall staggering into the kitchen to find one of my cameramen passed out on the floor at a very awkward angle with his head stuck in the freezer. I reached over him to get some cheese, but left him as is. He survived the incident with no ill effects that I can see from his work. The cheese was excellent.

Photos by CNN