Anthony Bourdain’s New Comic Book Has Human Sashimi On the Cover

But is it fresh?

Though most know him as a chef, travel writer, travel eater, and well-salaried cantankerous person, Anthony Bourdain is also a successful comic book writer. In 2012, he teamed up with writer Joel Rose and graphic artist Langdon Foss to produce Get Jiro!, the illustrated, behind-the-counter tale of two rival kitchen gangs. Perhaps surprisingly, the book was a huge success.

Since then, a follow-up (a prequel) has been produced: Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi. Set ten years before the previous story and thousands of miles away in a gritty, futuristic Tokyo, the book is the story of rival mobs and one young-mobster-and-clandestine-sushi-apprentice, Jiro. There is gore, intrigue, and knives used for myriad, sometimes unsavory, tasks. We never knew Bourdain had this in him, but then again… violence, masterful cookery, and raw shellfish are the man’s wheelhouse. If the cover – replete with choice cuts of Hamachiand freshly-harvested human heads – is anything to go by, this book will be delicious. 

Photos by Cover Art by Dave Johnson