Anthony Davis Dunks the Sun in These Incredible Photos

He must have really burnt his hands. 

Look at these pictures of Anthony Davis dunking the sun. It really look like he’s dunking the sun. And blocking the sun. And shooting a jumper with the sun. He’s not, of course. None of things are possible for a host of reasons, including the size, distance and heat emitted by the sun.

But there’s also a way to overcome those problems and it’s called Dustin Snipes. A young photographer with a special eye, Snipes put together this shoot at a basketball court on the West Coast. It wasn’t without its challenges though. He needed special filters, serious lights and a lot of patience to line up Davis’ hands with the fiery ball of gases 93 million miles away.

It was worth it. The photos that came out of the shoot are totally surreal and made even more so by the knowledge that this was done without the help of  CGI.