‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors Will Helm Stoner Comedy Series For Showtime

From superheroes to super-high?

Captain America: Civil War directors Joe and Anthony Russo are enjoying one hell of a victory lap as Civil War raked in over $180 million on its opening weekend, giving Disney the honor of being the fastest studio to pass the $1 billion box office mark in a given year. 

Hollywood’s latest golden boys are being rewarded for their impressive effort with a prestige pot comedy at Showtime. If you’re thinking that Showtime has dabbled in 420-based programming before, you’re not high: Mary Louise-Parker starred for seven seasons as a widowed pot dealer on Weeds

But the upcoming Russo brothers’ comedy has a contemporary twist: The untitled half-hour series will focus on a family of weed dealers whose business is thrown for a loop when marijuana is legalized. A pretty clever premise!

This is not the Russo brothers’ first foray into television: Before helming Captain America: The Winter Soldier, they directed several episodes of Arrested Development, and also worked on Happy Endings and Community. 

The series does not yet have a title, but we can guess it won’t have the word “weeds” in it. Maybe ‘The Green Market’? ‘Barely Legal’? Eh, let’s leave that to Showtime. 

h/t Deadline