The Antony Gordon Show Podcast Is the ‘GPS for Life’ We Need Right Now

“I want to help people understand what true happiness is, and how to deal with setbacks and disappointments.”

Antony Gordon

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There are countless quotes famously spoken by world leaders, artists, and philosophers alike that reiterate a simple, albeit often forgotten, truth: money doesn’t buy happiness. Yet for most, money, status, and clout are the driving force behind a lifelong pursuit of happiness that remains just out of reach. 

As a consultant and life coach to celebrities and elite athletes, a highly sought-after motivational speaker, and managing director of MGO, Antony Gordon spent years surrounded by those who seemingly “had it all.” By society’s standards these people appeared to have made it. But, time and time again he witnessed the same disconnect; most of them did not have an understanding of true happiness, or how to attain it. 

This realization coupled with what Gordon first noticed during his time at Harvard— which was later reiterated in corporate boardrooms and Hollywood gatherings—that no one is really taught how to live a meaningful and happy life

Meaning, that “there is no framework for how to lead a truly good life.” And so, driven by an innate desire to help others navigate through the ups and downs of the journey, The Antony Gordon Show podcast was born. The show steps in as a guide for its listeners; “a GPS for life,” driven by entertainment, but fueled by a higher purpose.

Due to his charismatic “people person” nature, Gordon enlists a robust network of personal connections into raw, open conversations that aim to debunk the myths pop culture has bestowed upon the world. Although the podcast boasts an impressive guest list, the focus is not on fame or the facade of one’s image, rather the show explores a guest’s substance and highlights the tests and trials of their story. 

By tackling subjects like near-death experiences and the breakthroughs that come from hitting rock bottom, the show provides its audience with useful information and tangible tools. A priceless takeaway for their own life. Gordon’s ability to connect with both guest and audience, leads to vulnerable dialogues rich in emotion and insight into the human experience. The authenticity is palpable.

One key message that Gordon shares with his coaching clients, and seeks to convey to his new audience, is that life is about learning to dance in the rain. 

“I want to help people understand what true happiness is, and how to deal with setbacks and disappointments. How we respond to the inevitable vicissitudes in life is often what distinguishes those who become successful from those who remain bitter victims,” Gordon passionately explains. 

Taking things a step further, the show addresses one of life’s greatest and most complex topics: purpose. By examining the dichotomy of body and soul—what we feel we want vs. what our soul actually desires—listeners are encouraged to uncover the deeper meaning of life. 

This subject is perhaps the most pertinent of all the gems Gordon and his guests share, because learning how to reach one’s roots is crucial to personal evolution. From there, one’s purpose germinates, exposing “the way” forward—which is different for everyone, but equally beautiful for all.

With a unique formula of truly life-changing and applicable advice delivered in the form of entertaining and thought-provoking dialogue, it’s no surprise that The Antony Gordon Show podcast is gaining momentum with its growing millennial audience. 

Take a listen for yourself on Spotify or iTunes, and start your personal transformation with a little direction from Antony Gordon.