The App Trap: We Doodle

We Do Doodle, Do You Doodle Too?

We Do Doodle, Do You Doodle Too?

We Doodle (iPhone, iPad)

Price: Free || iTunes

If you sucked at Pictionary as a kid then be warned: We Doodle will likely dredge up painful memories of friends crapping all over that beloved Pony drawing into which you poured your artistic soul. Crushing childhood trauma aside, We Doodle is the Pictionary implementation that you might not have known existed but absolutely need to have.

After signing up for a free account, you’ll start a game against a friend or other opponent and be prompted to draw three random items. The catalog of clues is massive and runs the gamut from simple things like “mouth” (that one may be less simple if you’re Shane MacGowan) to obscurities like “happiness” (Editor’s note – never ask an emo to define the word “obscurity”). 

Using your finger, a set of simple drawing tools, and the little bit of talent with which you were blessed, you draw the items and send them to your opponents to be guessed.

Once the guessing happens, you’ll be prompted to award your opponent points based on their answers – a pointless gesture that merely confirms what the computer has already awarded, but it does afford you the opportunity to see your opponents terrible guesswork. So when your “spaceship” has your challenger guessing “giant dong” you might consider adjusting your drawing style or finding an opponent without deep-seeded, Freudian problems.

Of course, the game goes both ways and you’ll also find yourself guessing at the subjects of other people’s crappy art, too. Correct answers will stuff your piggy bank with credits that can be used in the built-in art store to add colors, brushes, patterns and stencils to your arsenal. Some are helpful, some are not but, in the end, the amount of colors on your palette still won’t mask the fact that “it’s a Cubist representation of a shoe” will never be a convincing argument as to why you just can’t draw a shoe.

App-tention Span: 4 out of 5. The game is free, addictive as hell, and provides hours of fun (and often-hilarious drawings) for you and your opponent. However, the nickel and diming of the art store (we shouldn’t have to “buy” the color white) and a lack of pinch and zoom leave some polish left to come in a future update.