The Apprentice Girls

Meet the Donald’s newest crop of applicants.


Hometown: Virginia Beach

Profession: Marketing executive

Floor filler:

“I definitely did things I’ve never done before. In fact, my mother called last week and said, ‘I didn’t know that you knew how to use a mop!'”

Business class:

“The women are just so incredibly tough this season. Most of the men looked at us and said, ‘Who in God’s name would be married to you women?’ We were more about business than we were about sex.”

Jennifer C

Hometown: New York City

Profession: Funny story about that…

Shutter babe:

“I used to work at Maxim. I was a photo editor. I was on the other side of the camera.”

Hair today, fired tomorrow:

“We had a photo shoot with Donald. I had this crazy hair for it. I remember Donald looked at me—I hadn’t seen him since I’d been fired—and the first thing he said to me: ‘Nice hair.’ I said, ‘Right back at ya, big guy!'”


Hometown: Rockville, MD

Profession: Bridal salon owner

Lifting spirits:

“When you get out of that boardroom, the first thing you want to do is grab a Sam Adams or a glass of wine. You definitely need something to take the edge off.”

Female touché:

“I think femininity is definitely important. It’s a cliché, but you honestly have to look good to feel good. As a female, if you’re soft and elegant, everyone appreciates that.”

Stacie J

Hometown: New York City

Profession: Model/restaurateur

New York state of mind:

“To be fired in the manner I was, to have them saying, ‘Oh, you’re crazy!’ just doesn’t fly. I have eight employees, I pay taxes—I don’t have the luxury to be crazy in New York.”

Lost in temptation:

“In business you need to walk a fine line: You use your sex appeal just enough to tempt a man. Let the man think there’s a possibility, but then pull back. It should always be used in business.”


Hometown: San Francisco

Profession: Investment firm partner

Risky business:

“I couldn’t make great friends with the women because I was the enemy, and I couldn’t make great friends with the men because I was the enemy.”

Memories and members:

“Some women got so drunk they all started doing cheers from their cheerleading days in high school, piling on each other, and talking about the size of their boyfriends’ penises.”