‘Aquaman’ Reviews Are In, and Critics Call It Best DC Movie Since ‘The Dark Knight’

“A big, fun, wild ride.”

Warner Bros.

If the critical consensus so far is any indication, Jason Momoa’s Aquamanwhich premiered two days ago in Londonis the best superhero movie of the year and may well be the future of the DC franchise.

 It is, according to IGN movies podcast host Tom Jorgensen, “the best DC movie since The Dark Knight.” That is high praise indeed, because Dark Knight was so good it’s sometimes hard to believe it was actually a DC film. 

An old school DC comics fan might be surprised this movie was made at all; Aquaman was never the most flashy superhero in the Justice League. Due to the efforts of Momoa, Amber Heard, and director James Wan, however, he might rise to the top of the DC crop of “metahumans.” 

The tale of the early responses is best told through tweets like the one below from Scott Menzel, founder of The Los Angeles Online Film Critics Society. His reaction was unequivocal.

Germain Lussier from Gizmodo said Aquaman is “a big, fun, wild ride,” and “unabashedly melodramatic and over the top with the largest, most ambitious sense of scale imaginable.”

Writer and director Ben Mekler didn’t pull any punches regarding his love for the movie.

Peter Sciretta is a critic who owns Slashfilm. He wasn’t quite as excited as others, but clearly enjoyed the movie anyway.

Okay, okay—sold. 

In fact, seeing so many excited responses from a variety of people is annoying just because the film isn’t open today.

Full reviews of Aquaman won’t be published till December 11, and audiences will finally get to see if the movie is really that good when it opens nationwide on December 21.