Jason Momoa’s ‘Aquaman’ Reveals Its Villain

The role of arch-nemesis ‘Black Manta’ hasn’t been cast.


Jason Momoa will be a busy man in Aquaman’s standalone film in 2018. According to The Wrap, the villainous Black Manta will be the baddie wreaking underwater havoc in James Wan’s Aquaman.

A well known character in DC lore, Black Manta first swam into an Aquaman story back in 1967. With edits and updates made over time, the villain evolved and DC writers developed a carefully-rendered origin story. For the most recent iteration of Black Manta in DC’s “New 52,” Manta sought revenge against our water-based hero (and founding Justice League member) for the murder of his father.

No definite casting has been made for Aquaman’s greatest foe, but we do know that Amber Heard and William Dafoe will stand alongside Arthur Curry when Aquaman splashes into theaters on July 27th, 2018.