Amsterdam Opens The World’s First Hotel for Gamers

If you need some GTA with your 420.


If you’re looking to enjoy Amsterdam’s local greenery and catch some video game action in your downtime, The Arcade Hotel might be the boarding accommodations of your dreams.

The hotel claims to have retro consoles in every room at no extra charge, and there are various handhelds that float about the bar area for quick multiplayer action. 

We’re intrigued, but definitely questioning the hotel’s overly-enthusiastic, thirsty-for-millennials style, exemplified by the following description of their highest rate room the “Love Shack de luxe en Spa Bad,” which will set you back 115 EUR ($124.78) for a refundable room or 103.50 EUR ($112.31) for a non-refundable room: 

“Double Wooohhhhoooooooo!!! You nailed it! This is not just a “double,” this is the double mini suite looking on the garden, with two couches right at the panorama. You could dance in this room. Easily. Two couples? A family of four? It’s just you and your three hot studs? Hey, we live in the 22nd century, you go girl!”

“There’s a bathtub in the middle of the room, facing the panorama window to the garden. Seriously, a bathtub! What else is there to say!”

I’m not any sort of expert at Amsterdam accommodations, but seriously, if I wanted to drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and play with a dusty old Xbox I’d probably just stay in the States. It’d be a lot cheaper. You probably have your own bike to ride around on at home, too. The Arcade Hotel has a fleet of bikes you can borrow, so that’s cool, I guess. 

Plus, I’m not sure a few retro consoles and a comic rack really register as a hotel just for gamers. But if you’re interested in seeing it for yourself, you can check out the official site here