Are There Already Plans in Motion for a ‘Suicide Squad’ Sequel?

Rumors are swirling that production will begin as early as next year.


In news that comes as no surprise at all, Warner Bros. is reportedly already interested in bringing the ragtag team of villains back for a Suicide Squad sequel — before the original even hits theaters.

While discussing production for David Ayer’s next film, Bright, which also stars Will Smith, the Variety report nonchalantly throws in that “the hope is to get production rolling this year in order to get both Ayer and Smith ready for a Suicide Squad sequel shoot by 2017.” Now, we know sequels have been picked up in similar fashions before, and the 100 million+ trailer views is kind of impressive, but don’t you think Warner Bros. shouldn’t count their villains before they hatch?

We have no idea what conceptual vision Ayer has for a Suicide Squad follow-up, nor do we know who from the original group will survive long enough to see another film. Clearly, the Will Smith confirmation means promising things for Deadshot, and it would be a serious misfire to lose Margot Robbie, but what about the likes of Jai Courtney and Cara Delevingne? Fingers crossed that Warner Bros. knows what they’re doing here.

Suicide Squad his theaters on August 5th.