Are We About to See Sony’s PS4?

Find out at 6pm.

Photo: Borko Ciric / iStockPhoto | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

In a few hours, Sony will take the stage at New York City’s Manhattan Center for the 2013 Playstation Meeting. Though they’re remaining tight-lipped, the Internet rumor mill has been hyperactive this week with leaked images of PS controllers and all kinds of speculation about streaming games and a Playstation that can track your movement. Do you smell that? That’s the smell of an international heavyweight prepping to launch their new console.

Of course, despite the slew of rumors and leaks, at the moment it’s all just speculation. But there is one concrete fact in all this: if Sony has drummed up all this hoopla just for an announcement about new PSVita colors, another Harry Potter Wonderbook, or anything else that isn’t the PS4, we’re gonna douse the Manhattan Center in gasoline and burn that motherfucker down.

If you didn’t get an invite to the meeting or are just worried that we’ll make good on our arson-y threats (we were just kidding! But seriously, don’t test us…), you can check out the live stream of the event right here at 6pm EST.

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