Are You Tough Enough for Tough Mudder’s New Obstacles?

This year’s Tough Mudder course features five new sadistic methods of torture.

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve spent a Saturday morning sprinting through fire, wincing from 10,000 volt electro shocks, and enduring something called the Arctic Enema, give thanks to Nolan Kombol. As the Head of Course Design for Tough Mudder, Nolan devises sadistic, yet safe, ways for fitness freaks to beat themselves up and get a great workout.

This season, Nolan and his team raised the stakes: The 10-to-12-mile obstacle course challenge has been around since 2010, but this year sees its most significant course redesign since Tough Mudder’s debut. “We wanted to include two things: more teamwork and more psychological trauma,” says Nolan with a laugh. “I think we succeeded.” Here, Nolan walks us through some of his favorite mad new designs.

Photos by Courtesy of Tough Mudder