Here's Why 'Modern Family' Hottie Ariel Winter Is Hanging Out With Burt Reynolds

The Bandit has still got it.

Ariel Winter's Instagram followers may have been mystified by her post of a pic with an elderly man, hinting at some upcoming reveal. That's only because it may be that the 18-year-old Modern Family star's fan base isn't familiar with the man, the legend that is Burt Reynolds.

Winter and the 80-year-old Reynolds are co-starring in a movie titled Dog Years. According to IMDB the movie is about Reynolds's character, an "aging, former movie star," who "is forced to face the reality that his glory days are behind him." The movie is touted as a tale of fading fame that is really more about the way aging affects everyone, eventually. Winter plays a messed-up goth girl who acts as a driver for Reynolds.

Whatever the nature of her role, UPI reported in June that Winter has a bathtub scene in the film, which explained this Instagram shot she posted at the time.

We don't know what Ariel's big announcement touted in her photo with Reynolds is, but it's likely movie-related. We do think troubled goth girl isn't a bad look on her, at all.