Watch Ariel Winter Explain to Conan Why Her 'Modern Family' Co-Star Once Flipped Her Off

And she looks great while doing it.
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Modern Family star Ariel Winter is all grown up, hitting Instagram with sexy photo shoots, firing back at body shamers, and sharing adult stories on late-night talk shows.

On Conan, the fiery actress and social-media sensation recounted the time Eric Stonestreet, who plays her uncle Cameron on the popular sitcom, flipped her the bird and mouthed "Fuck you!"

No, he is not a "hater," of which Ariel has had her fair share on social media. It was just his jocular way of wishing her a happy 16th birthday, and recognizing she is no longer the naive 11 year old she was at the start of the show.

"And then he came over to me and whispered in my ear, and he goes, 'Well, you're 16; you're an adult now so... fuck you.'"

Now 19, Ariel is certainly a fully-formed adult, as made clear by her many racy Instagram posts. See what we mean, below.