The Dude Who Built a Dead Cat Drone Will Make a Cow Helicopter Next

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s….a flying cow!

Cat drone, meet cow helicopter. Morbid artist Bart Jansen nauseated shocked the world when he turned his dead cat, Orville, into a drone. Apparently Orville was kept nice and fresh in Jansen’s freezer for 6 months before he was stuffed, had propellers attached to his paws, and was turned into a flying, remote controlled kitty.

Since a cat drone is basically only decorative, Jansen teamed up with his equally macabre engineer friend, Arjen Beltman, to create a flying corpse that can actually serve a purpose. Animal of choice? A dead cow. Utility? A one person aircraft. And just like that, the idea of a heli-cow-pter was born. ‘A cow could fit a person. So a cow is one of the options. That means we’d be using a cow indeed,’ Jansen told Business Insider.

We’re excited to see this beefy aircraft join other creepy taxidermy robotics projects, like the badger submarine. So somewhere in a pasture (or freezer) is an unsuspecting cow who will soon earn his propellers and fly up to the bovine heavens and take Bart Jansen with him. Bon Voyage!