Arnold Schwarzenegger Plays the ‘Greatest Hitman Ever’ In Legit Hilarious ‘Killing Gunther’ Trailer

Who doesn’t love an action-comedy?

Taran Killam, a fan-favorite Saturday Night Live player who was shockingly cut from the show in 2016, has a lot riding on Killing Gunther, his writing and directorial debut.

Thankfully, he has a living legend, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as SNL‘s hilarious Bobby Moynihan to help carry some of the weight. 

The action-comedy is ultimately an ode Schwarzenegger, who plays “the greatest hitman ever.” 

Killam stars as a bitter rival who assembles a motley crew to take him down. 

Expectedly, they’re all woefully ill-equipped to take on Arnold, and hilarity ensues.

Killing Gunther hits theaters on Oct. 20.