Arrow Keeps Things Gritty and Explosive in New Season 4 Trailer

The Emerald Archer is headed back home – with a new identity and outfit. 

Last we saw Oliver Queen, he was headed out of Starling City to play house with his trusty tech-whiz assistant, Felicity Smoak, at the end of CW hit series Arrow‘s third season. After Roy Harper helped to fake his death, the masked vigilante was no more, and Oliver was allowed to lead a (semi) normal life, for the most part.

Now, the newly released trailer for Season 4 reveals just what Team Arrow (made up of Laurel Lance, John Diggle, and newly inducted Thea Queen) has been up to in Oliver’s wake, and how he’ll be drawn back to the newly renamed Star City for another dose of criminal chaos. 

Things open with Oliver jogging (clearly, green is his favorite color) to his new home with Felicity , his smoking-hot, damsel in distress of an assistant and the technology guru of Team Arrow. And by the looks of it, she cooks too. What exactly is it that draws Oliver away from this quiet life in picket-fence Suburbia?

Quick cut to Star City, where Diggle, Thea, and Laurel are suited up and ready to go. Even with the Arrow out of commission, there’s been no shortage of criminal mischief with plenty of people ‘failing the city.’ Still, Diggle’s new helmet, Thea’s crimson costume, and Laurel’s ability to ride a motorcycle, just don’t compare to how things were run with Oliver at the helm. They need him. And frankly, so do we.

We’re then introduced to shots of each member kicking ass and taking names, along with a peek at Oliver’s new look to compliment the new alias, a John Constantine cameo, our first peek at the future Mr. Terrific, and Felicity toting an extremely large machine gun that she clearly isn’t equipped to handle. (Pro tip: It’s probably best to shoot a gun with your eyes open).

While we’re not 100% sure what draws the happy couple back to their hometown, we’re pretty confident it has something to do with new big bad Damien Darhk and his army of H.I.V.E soldiers. The former League of Assassins member is cold and ruthless, and as evident in the preview, will stop at nothing to bring Star City to rubble. 

We still have a little less than a month until the masked vigilante gets back into action, but if this preview says anything about what’s to come, season 4 might just be the series’ best.

Arrow returns to the CW on October 7th.