Arsenio Hall’s 5 Best Guest Interviews

It’s the “Hall” of Fame! These legendary guest spots got the Dog Pound barking.

Read the full interview with Arsenio on his return to late night!

Jason Voorhees, July 28, 1989

Did Carson ever have a hockey-masked mass murderer on his show? No. No, he did not.

Vanilla Ice, February 13, 1991

Arsenio called Ice out on, well, just about everything, for nine of the most cringe-inducing minutes in talk show history.

Magic Johnson, November 8, 1991

The Lakers great chose close pal Arsenio’s show as the first place to open up about his HIV-positive diagnosis.

Bill Clinton, June 3, 1992

Down in the polls, the Democratic nominee for prez blew “Heartbreak Hotel” on the sax, then blew George H. W. Bush away.

Tupac Shakur, July 19, 1993

The rapper-poet-actor revealed that his mom gave him his first hit of weed…while his mom was sitting in the audience. Awkward!

Read the full interview with Arsenio on his return to late night!