These Amazing Images Mash Up Rock Legends With Comic Book Heroes

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(Images courtesy of Butcher Billy)

(Images courtesy of Butcher Billy)

As a follow-up to his David Bowie tribute images in the style of comic book greats, artist Butcher Billy has once again utilized superheroes to feature rock gods in a heroic light.

Mashing up Johnny Cash and Batman, Keith Richards and Wolverine and Prince and Green Lantern are among the eye-popping artwork the Brazilian illustrator features in his new Guitar Heroes series, which traces a connection between the greatest musicians of our time and their superpowered alter egos.

"This series was a lot of fun for me to work on,” says Butcher Billy, “There are a lot of Easter eggs for rock fans—for example, the Prince symbol in the Green Lantern ring. I grew up idolizing many of these guitarists, so it made sense for me to imagine them as actual superheroes.”

Check out all of the amazing mash-ups from Billy's new series below, and buy them here.

Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash as Batman).png
I Wanna Be Where the Boys Are (Joan Jett as Wonder Woman).png
Sticky Fingers (Keith Richards as Wolverine).png
Infinite Sadness (Billy Corgan as Dr. Manhattan).png
Mondo Bizarro (Johnny Ramone as Superman).png
Voodoo Child (Jimi Hendrix as Doctor Strange).png
Run Rudolph Run (Chuck Berry as The Flash).png
The New Power Generation (Prince as Green Lantern).png
The TImes They're A Changing (Bob Dylan as Captain America).png
Unplugged (Kurt Cobain as Thor).png