These Amazing Images Mash Up Rock Legends With Comic Book Heroes

Which is your favorite?

Live and Let Die (Slash as Lobo).png

(Images courtesy of Butcher Billy)

As a follow-up to his David Bowie tribute images in the style of comic book greats, artist Butcher Billy has once again utilized superheroes to feature rock gods in a heroic light.

Mashing up Johnny Cash and Batman, Keith Richards and Wolverine and Prince and Green Lantern are among the eye-popping artwork the Brazilian illustrator features in his new Guitar Heroes series, which traces a connection between the greatest musicians of our time and their superpowered alter egos.

“This series was a lot of fun for me to work on,” says Butcher Billy, “There are a lot of Easter eggs for rock fans—for example, the Prince symbol in the Green Lantern ring. I grew up idolizing many of these guitarists, so it made sense for me to imagine them as actual superheroes.”

Check out all of the amazing mash-ups from Billy’s new series below, and buy them here.