This Photographer Made Art Out of Thirsty DMs Dudes Send to Instagram Models

“I love you, can u send me nudes?”


(Photo: Atisha Paulson​)

Photographer Atisha Paulson knows what it’s like to receive pervy Instagram direct messages from dudes who don’t know when to quit. 

After his shots of nude models picked up steam on Instagram, he was flooded with lurid messages from clueless schlubs mistaking him for the female models in his photos.

Paulson has turned his sad-but-hilarious run-ins with the horny dregs of social media into a hilarious new zine, DM, where he puts these DM-barraging pervs on blast. 

(Photo: Atisha Paulson​)

The zine features screenshots of some of the worst messages he has received, some of them overlain on the original model images they were directed at.

Sometimes he leads them on, other times he responds with a swift “Thx but I’m a guy.”

(Photo: Atisha Paulson​)

“A lot of the people messaging thought I was a woman, maybe because of my name, but it made me think to myself, ‘what woman would want to see this.’ The answer was obvious — NONE,” he told Highsnobiety.

“I started posting screenshots of their messages and my replies on Instagram Stories and people freaked out. I was getting so many messages from both men and women thanking me for exposing these guys (I was posting their actual handles),” he added.

“A lot of people suggested I make a book or zine or project out of it, and that’s what I did.”

(Photo: Atisha Paulson​)

Let what he has learned be a lesson to all men ogling photos of  models on social media—would you want anything you’re about to say to be published for the world to see?

“Let me put it like this: sliding into a DM should be like knocking on a strangers door. You don’t just drop your pants and bang away,” Paulson explained.

“No, you compose yourself, tuck your shirt in, fix your hair, stand up straight and knock politely. You hold your breath as the footsteps approach, hoping they won’t open it, give you a once over and slam it in your face.”

(Photo: Atisha Paulson​)

Pick up a copy of DM at for $15. 

And check out some more of Atisha Paulson’s beautiful work, here. But please refrain from sending him any thirsty DMs.