Attack of the Lines: Star Wars vs. Twilight

Twi-Hards are lining up for the premiere of Twilight Saga: Eclipse—but can they match the sheer crazy of those lifeless line pioneers known as Star Wars fans?

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse opens June 30th, and faithful fans are lining up for another dose of sparkly vampires and hairless werewolves. But how does their show of devotion measure up to the sheer lunacy that marked the ticket lines for the Star Warsprequels? Take a look, and decide for yourself…


Twilight? Brings out more ladies, at least…

There’s a thin line between fandom and stalkerdom.

Did you see any acne-caked Star Wars fans used to sell burgers? We think not.


“Dear Diary, still in line. Did you know that dogs and reporters can smell virginity? It’s true.”

“I find your flippant, Southern dandy reporter disturbing…”

Twi-Hards might get BK love, but are they powerful enough to inspire the comedic wrath of Triumph the Dog? Not a chance.

These guys are on line for TOYS. Not the movie—for the toys of the movie. Beat that, fang bangers!

BONUS: Kristen Stewart might scowl a lot, but at least she’s never openly mocked her franchise.