This Is Exactly How You Should Never Behave Onstage

August Alsina is being called out for sexual harassment after groping a visibly uncomfortable female fan. 

During a recent show in Louisiana, a state where it’s too humid to willingly welcome touches from loved ones, let alone random, unwanted gropes from strangers, August Alsina brought a female fan on stage for what could have been a lovely and memorable serenade. Instead, it turned into something truly uncomfortable to watch.


Sep 27, 2015 at 5:59pm PDT

Aside from being a sleazy thing to do, one has to wonder, after watching this, if Alsina had ever previously touched a boob before. He goes at the poor lady’s chest like it’s a dish towel. Her reaction in the video indicates that she wishes a trap door would open under her, releasing her to safety,  a spritz of Febreeze, and an antibacterial wipe. You never know where a person’s hands have been.