We Would Totally Watch This Avengers-Inspired Rom-Com

Because even superheroes need a little lovin’ sometimes. 

There’s a plethora of elements that make The Avengers the most successful superhero franchise of all time. The star-studded line-up, mixed in with an abundance of action, drama, quick wit, and some unexpected romance has allowed the MCU to dominate over all other comic book competition. That being said, aside from the partner Tony Stark found in the mostly bland Pepper Potts, we haven’t really seen much nookie in these movies (and by much, we mean any) due to the fact that the world is always super needy for saving. We did see some sparks fly between The Hulk and Black Widow in the most recent installment, but unfortunately, the Green Giant took off on a jet plane headed in the opposite direction of Pound Town.

With Captain America: Civil War just around the corner, and the new teaser trailer hinting at an explosively emotional ride, the team over at Vulture decided to spin things around a give the Avengers a little ‘me’ time, turning footage from Age of Ultron into a romantic comedy that we’d definitely go see. Marvel’s How to Avenge a Guy in 10 Days turns just about every funny line and semi-flirtatious moment into what would most certainly be a hilarious box office hit — if it ever made it to theaters. This just goes to show that if you overlay anything with ‘Uptown Funk,’ you’re golden.