Avuá Cachaça

Things are about to get cacha-crazy in here!

For today’s Buzz of the Day, let’s go to Brazil!

The boozy part, that is.

The national cocktail of Brazil is the caipirinha, and you can’t have one without ​cachaça, a.k.a. Brazilian rum! And which Brazilian rum are we raving about today? Why, Avuá Cachaça, of course! 

Avuá comes in Prata and Amburana. Both are delicious, but different. ​Pot-distilled, the Prata is clean, musky, pungent, and distinct on the nose, while being stiff, spicy, and strong on the palate. The Amburana has a cinnamon apple nose and a much sweeter, immediate taste, since it’s aged for two years. Basically, it’s the spirit that brings opposites together! 

Okay, back to Brazilian ladies…

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