Watch This Incredibly Awkward Viral Video of a Guy Getting Friend-Zoned On ‘Let’s Make a Deal’

You will cringe.

Wayne Brady, host of Let’s Make a Deal, is the kind of game show host who seems prepared for anything. He’s got roots in improv and sketch comedy and he’s just insanely fast on his feet.

Contestants Steve and Jessie tested Brady, however, when Jessie gave an unexpected response while Brady was doing his usual light conversation before they launched into the wheeling and dealing. You can watch the full scene above or get the worst moment in the tweet below, with appropriate commentary from the tweeter.

If watching whimsical events—birthday cake candle blowouts, stunt wedding proposals—go terribly wrong is not your thing, maybe it’ll be easier to just read the breakdown below.

Wayne Brady asked how long they’d been together, and Jessie found this hysterical. But Steve, dead serious. said “About six months.” Brady said it was “newish,” then Jessie broke in: “Oh, we’re friends. We’re just friends, but he wants it to be—”

Let's Make a Deal
Jessie, Steve, and Wayne

Ouch. Seriously, that’s painful. It gets worse because Steve’s discomfort was immediate and he interrupted her, saying “Can we talk about this, uh, not in front of everyone?” He looked incredibly glum. Even his bow tie drooped with sadness. 

The audience laughed, Brady looked shocked, and though Steve said “It’s complicated,” Jessie brightly interjected, “I’m single, guys, I’m single!”

Steve said “What?”

Jessie said, “Oh, no, no, we’re really good friends!” in an apparent effort to placate the guy, and for a moment, the usually quick-witted Wayne Brady looked like he’d rather be anywhere but riding shotgun down this horrible highway to the friend zone.

There were plenty of tweets reacting to this sad little video but this was perhaps the most appropriate.

Yes, we feel terrible for Steve. Who wouldn’t? One minute you’re there with your adorable date, having the best time, the next you discover she’s just not that into you, and she elected to make that clear on a game show that may run in syndication for decades to come.

So, that’s just great. We were only disappointed that this kind of thing could never happen on The Price Is Right! because then Jessie could’ve said, “The price is wrong, bitch.”

h/t Decider