Azealia Banks Is in Trouble Again, This Time For Reportedly Biting a Security Guard’s Boob

Yep, you read that right.


Azealia Banks is closing out her year in true Azealia Banks fashion. Page Six reports that the volatile rapper took issue with being told that she needed a hand stamp to enter an invite-only event at a club called Up & Down in Manhattan, and when the bouncers and security didn’t recognize her, she started causing a scene. A, she was invited inside of the club by security, where she immediately started fighting with them again, spitting in a female guard’s face and proclaiming that she’s on Rihanna’s new album (which no one will ever know for sure, because the album is seemingly never coming out). Things escalated quickly, and ended with Banks biting the female guard’s boob (Ed. note: Yes, reader, her BOOB) so hard that it almost tore her shirt, then leaving the club to flag down police, only to return and punch the female guard dead in the face…right in front of said police. Banks closed out her evening in handcuffs and is currently facing a misdemeanor charge of third-degree assault. 

May 2016 bring peace, tranquility, and anger management classes for Banks. 

h/t Complex