Azealia Banks Is Under Investigation For Allegedly Beating Up a Security Guard

And there’s video. 

When we first caught wind of Azealia Banks with the release of 2012’s amazing “212,” it seemed that she had everything in place to be music’s next big thing. Her look was cool, her sound was fresh and exciting, but then, almost like at the snap of two fingers, she managed to self-sabotage her entire career with a series of truly awful decisions, the latest being an alleged assault on a security guard at a club called Break Room 86 in Los Angeles. 

As the story is currently being told, in late September Banks tried to pull a fire alarm in the club after security had asked her and her group of friends to leave after being spotted acting “unruly.”  “A security guard grabbed Banks as she was messing with the fire control valves, and that’s when Banks and her crew jumped the guy,” TMZ reports. There’s also video of the scene, which definitely shows Banks losing her shit on a guy.

This is not the first unfortunate act we’ve seen from Banks over the past year. In late September, she used her personal Twitter account to unleash hatred upon the LGBT community, comparing them to the KKK. And there was also that whole thing where she lost her mind on a flight from New York to Los Angeles and spit in a passenger’s face because he was blocking her way. 

Incidentally, on Monday Banks announced on her Twitter that she’s canceling all but one show date on her current tour, stating that she’s “very busy at work.” 

Photos by Scott Dudelson / FilmMagic