Watch Bella Thorne as a Cheerleading Cult Member in Hilarious and Bloody First Trailer for 'The Babysitter'

McG's new Netflix movie looks totally twisted.
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The trailer for Netflix's upcoming The Babysitter shows every boy's dream turned into a darkly comedic nightmare. 

A dweeby teenager is left alone for a night with his babysitter, who just happens to be a gorgeous blonde straight out of Baywatch.

(All images: Netflix)

(All images: Netflix)

There's always a but: Said smokeshow turns out to be a cult leader, inviting over her devotees for a blood sacrifice.

As Bella Thorne—who plays a feisty cheerleader who sadly gets shot in the boob at the end of the trailer—puts it, it's a sacrificial cult but "with hot people."

The Babysitter, which is directed by McG of the Charlie's Angels franchise, hits Netflix October, Friday the 13th.