‘Back to the Future’ With Realistic Blood Added Makes For an Entirely Different Cinematic Experience

Great Scott!

Back to the Future with blood

Back to the Future, aside from being a classic flick, is also a great bit of family fun. But the scene in which Doc gets blasted by plutonium-peddling Libyans with an AK-47 unrealistically includes no blood. 

While this assured that the sci-fi fantasy received a PG rating, YouTube channel BitMassive has digitally altered clips from the film to add blood-splattered bullet holes all over poor Doc’s body, making him look extremely, well, dead.

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It’s crazy how just the addition of a few red spots—and a bullet hole through Doc’s eye—changes the tone.

They even gave the “with blood” treatment to the following scene, in which Marty crashes through the rural barn and ends up stunned on the hood of the time-travelling DeLorean. Check it out below. 

h/t: Bro Bible