‘Bad Boys 3’ Begins Production, Movie’s Title and Plot Revealed

Will Smith shared new details about the long-awaited sequel.

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The third installment in the Bad Boys film franchise starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence is finally in production. 

On Sunday, Smith posted a photo on Instagram of a stack of scripts. In doing this he also confirmed the movie’s official title: Bad Boys For Lif3. Smith captioned the pic “Day 1. I’ll keep y’all posted.”


Smith had earlier written the phrase “@BadBoys For Life 🚨” in the caption for a video in which he and Lawrence confirmed the movie was happening, but it wasn’t clear that was the title.

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Will Smith’s Insta pic wasn’t the only info drop about the movie. Heroic Hollywood published the synopsis, and it won’t dampen anyone’s enthusiasm for this sequel:

The new installment centers on the Miami PD and its elite AMMO team’s attempt to take down Armando Armas (Scipio), head of a drug cartel. Armando is a cold-blooded killer with a vicious, taunting nature.

He is committed to the work of the cartel and is dispatched by his mother to kill Mike (Smith). Nuñez will take on the role of Rite, the tough and funny criminal psychologist who is the newly appointed head of AMMO and Mike’s former girlfriend- and the one who got away.

The synopsis also doesn’t sound like an earlier report about plot details released by That Hashtag Show, but that report did get the title right. New script? Who knows.

The story outlined above is basically the perfect scenario for Smith’s Mike Lowrey and Lawrence’s Marcus Bennett to remind fans of their talents for ass-kicking and wisecracking. 

Sometimes when it’s first made public that a movie is in production, the release date is still 18 months to even two years in the future. Bad Boys for Lif3, however, is currently slated to hit theaters on January 17, 2020.