The New ‘Bad Santa 2’ Red Band Trailer Is the Nastiest Yet

Put on headphones, pull the blinds and close the door.

If you didn’t get enough of Billy Bob Thornton’s debauched portrayal of a truly twisted Saint Nick in the first red band trailer for Bad Santa 2, then sit back and take a peek at this second, also NSFW, clip.

The new trailer gives us a little bit more of the plot; it looks like Bad Santa and his trusty little accomplice are up to their same old tricks as they set out on what will surely be a half-witted scheme to scam a charity.

Honestly though, no one’s watching this movie for its plot. What we love most about this new trailer is the additional screen time they give Mad Men starlet Christina Hendricks in the two-minute clip. 

Hopefully this one can hold us all over until Bad Santa 2 drunkenly stumbles into theaters on November 23.