Badminton Brawl Is Most Exciting Thing To Ever Happen in Badminton

And that includes birdie smashes.

Because when you think badminton, you think of a sport where a fight could break out and any moment. No? Well, that’s exactly what happened Sunday as two former Thai Olympic teammates, Bodin “Art” Issara and Maneepong “A” Jongjit, began jawing at each other before their match.

What is perhaps most astonishing (besides the obvious, “why do you need to beat the crap out of someone over a badminton game?”) is no one seems at all interested in breaking this fight up.

The two men take their beef all over the court, as if out of a scene from Mortal Kombat. At some point while watching, you half expect the PA announcer to yell “Finish him!”

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