BASE Jumpers Give Death A Flyby In Moab

Nothing gets the heart going like a rock face coming straight at you. 

As part of Red Bull’s quest to fund the most dangerous, insane, and downright awesome feats the world over, it sent a group of BASE jumpers to Moab, Utah to get perilously close to its distinctive rock spires as they sped through the air. Naturally, they filmed their adventure.

The whole video is worth a watch, but things get especially cool when a BASE jumper takes off from a cliff and lands on a spire, basically avoiding death by inches.

The stunts were performed by the Red Bull Air Force, which is not a real Air Force, but definitely not a group of individuals you want to mess with. There’s an even longer video featuring even more stunts that would make even the most steely of extreme athletes wet their jump suits. 

Photos by Red Bull