Watch The Brutal Supercut of Everyone Batman Kills In ‘Batman v. Superman’

Don’t mess with the Dark Knight.

Let’s face it: BVS: Dawn of Justice royally tanked. But what the Zack Snyder superhero film lacked in plot, script, and overall aesthetic, it made up for in a roided-up, bloodthirsty Batfleck.

 While Christopher Nolan may have taken a slighty softer approach when he brought the Dark Knight from page to screen, this latest version has everyone’s favorite powerless hero doing whatever it takes to break your neck. 

In his latest cinematic supercut, Mr. Sunday Movies has compiled an impressive kill count for BVS, putting his previous work for Iron Man and Captain America to shame.

Batarang be damned, this 2 minute, 15 second video is all the proof we need that Batman will use whatever means necessary to deliver immense pain to his enemies. Racking up a total of 21 kills (not including the victims of his dream sequence), it’s probably best to stay out of Gotham from now on.