“Batman Vs. Superman” Villain Revealed!

Is it Lex Luthor? No! It’s the city of Detroit!

In a move sure to terrify fans and actors equally, Batman Vs. Superman will be filmed in the city of Detroit, Michigan. The Michigan Film Office announced in a press release that the Zack Snyder-directed movie will receive $35 million in tax incentives to begin shooting sometime in early 2014. Between grande lattes, hooker disposal, and those cool chairs that have people’s names sewn on the back, the production is expected to bring $131 million into the Detroit economy. And while that seems like a lot of money, the city owes $15 billion and is in the process of declaring bankruptcy – the municipality is even going so far as to auction off the city museum’s art collection to pay down its debt.

As far as the movie’s concerned, a $35 million tax break definitely seems like a great incentive for any business to set up shop, but the Batman Vs. Superman cast and crew should we aware of a few systemic problems in the city of Detroit:

But there’s good news, too!