BattleBots is Being Revived

The ultimate killer robot championship will return this summer. 

If you’ve been feeling the urge to watch one robot totally crush another robot, you’re in luck: Deadline is reporting that ABC is reviving Comedy Central’s classic killer robot tournament, BattleBots. 

The six-episode season will air this summer, with homemade robots battling each other in a single-elimination tournament until the one true robot overlord remains. It’s been ten years since the original BattleBots went off the air, so expect the robots to be more technologically advanced, and way better at kicking robot ass. (Do robots have asses? Do we even want to go down that philosophical rabbit hole?) 

In the meantime, here’s former BattleBots correspondent Carmen Electra promoting BattleBots greatest hits. No word yet on whether she’ll be joining us for the revival.