The Latest 'Baywatch' Trailer Features Massive Explosions, Slo-Mo Boobage

It's a killer combo.
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The latest trailer for the Baywatch reboot opens not to a slo-mo jog on the beach set to some cheesy soft-rock ballad. C'mon, this isn't the '90s anymore...

Instead, it opens to a slo-mo getaway made by Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson from an exploding boat, in an over-the-top spectacle fit for 2017.


The rest of the trailer is similarly thrilling. Priyanka Chopra is heavily featured as the film's central antagonist, a sleek beach club owner running a covert drug ring.


And of course, there is some more slo-mo for good measure.


Baywatch hits theaters on May 25.