Be a Viral Infection

Tosh.0’s host wants to make you the next YouTube sensation.

Tosh.0 is America’s Funniest Home Videos if it were kicked in the balls by Talk Soup and put online. Host Daniel Tosh shares tips for being the next viral star.

1. “Have a hot chick with big boobs Taser your grandma.”

2. “The Internet loves cute videos, so if you want to go viral, you’ve got to exploit your baby (i.e., give drugs to your baby). Also, it helps if the baby is really fat and a Beyoncé song is playing.”

3. “Animal videos are a crowd pleaser. Train your puppy to do an adorable trick, like fighting another puppy to death.”

4. “Nobody wants to watch you and your brother Indian leg-wrestle. However, if you title your video ‘Michelle Obama Nip Slip,’ the entire world will see what a pussy your brother is.”

5. “Turn a camera on and kill yourself.”