Spend Your Christmas Eve Streaming the Entire Beatles Catalog

It’s about time…maybe.

Up until now the decision makers in charge of The Beatles catalog have chosen to walk the same anti-streaming path as Taylor Swift, offering up a small selection of their music online only via Youtube and Pandora. But now, according to buzz from sites like Billboard their entire catalog will be available on popular streaming sites like Apple Music and Spotify, as well as Google Play, Tidal, and Amazon’s Prime Music as soon as Christmas Eve. 

Now, this isn’t 100% a sure thing yet as Billboard reports the timing of the songs being up and streaming have differed from conflicting sources, but they state that there’s a “strong indication” that tomorrow is the day. 

Historically, it’s not been rare for The Beatles to drag their feet when it comes to offering their songs digitally. It took six years for their music to be offered on Itunes, but once it was, they sold two million songs during the first week of availability. See guys, computers aren’t so scary.

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