These Guys Are Creating an App That Will Tell You Which Beer Is Genetically Perfect for You

Sampling 1,000 beers…for science, of course.

After successfully raising over 10,000 Euros to fund their Kickstarter project, the team at BeerDeCoded has the means to sample—on a molecular biological level—100 beers. Their goal: to create the genomic Tree of Beer that will fuel an app to help you decide exactly which beers—according to your own taste—you might prefer from what might otherwise be an intimidating brew menu. Yes, they’re serious; and yes, this could actually be kinda cool.

According to their last update on Kickstarter, they finished benchmarking 96 beers from 20 countries (based on what was contributed during the campaign). In case you’re curious, that page goes into fine detail about exactly how they analyzed all those beers.

And if you happen to be a brewer, they’ll even sequence your own brewski. Or if a bar manager, your entire beer menu! Check out their Twitter and Facebook pages for more info on that. Either way, we wish the team luck, as all their hard work comes to a smooth, hoppy fruition.

Next on their agenda: to find out why it’s “beer before liquor, never sicker.” (Just kidding, but that’d be cool too, right?)

Photos by BeerDeCoded