You Can Now Relax in a Beer-Filled Hot Tub

Soak it all in.

One of America’s greatest flaws is that we don’t have a robust bathing culture. (Our lack of bidets is also up there, but now is not the time nor the place for 5,000 words about why you’re not washing your ass correctly.) 

But this beer-filled hot tub may be just what we need to get our act together. The Great Big Story recently featured the Starkenberg Brewery in Austria, which has taken the ubiquitous brewery tour up a notch by offering visitors the chance to actually take a bath in their beer. Guests can also order fresh beers to drink — or they can gulp it straight from the bath, if they nasty. 

As for the health factors, “it’s very good for your skin. We recommend you not shower afterward because it can soak in and have a high nourishing factor,” said brewery representative Andrea Stigger. 

And if you’re so inclined, you can head over to Slovenia to rinse off in this town’s beer fountain next.

h/t First We Feast