Go Behind the Scenes of Metallica's 'Moth Into Flame' Video

These guys are intense.
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In an act of transparency that Metallica fans everywhere are sure to love, a behind-the-scenes video reveals the how the crew and band made the rip-roaring video for their latest single "Moth Into Flame" off of their upcoming album Hardwired... To Self Destruct.

Video director Tom Kirk serves as a narrator for the clip, providing viewers with insight into the creative process behind the video, which he says all members of Metallica were heavily involved in.

The making of "Moth Into Flame" comes shortly after the band released a mini-documentary showing their meticulousness in crafting every riff and placing every drum fill in the short video entitled "Plow." 

"I was amazed at how they jumped into these concepts," Kirk explains to close out the clip. "I didn't hear a single complaint, and they're pretty happy with it. Thing number one is always to make the artist happy, thing number two is to make a good video."

Mission accomplished. 

H/T Rolling Stone