Check Out These Brutal Behind The Scenes Photos of Busted Heads from ‘The Walking Dead’

Negan should be proud.

The Walking Dead Neegan [AMC]

The Walking Dead Neegan [AMC]
[Photo: AMC]

The Walking Dead’s 7th season is only recently underway, but it’s become obvious that the zombie megahit’s showrunners have no intention of dialing down the supreme gore factor. 

We already got a look at the head-bashing alternate ending for last week’s premiere in the form of that leaked viral video showing Negan taking his signature barbed-wire bat to Maggie’s head. 

Now, the show’s executive producer and head of special effects Greg Nicotera took to Instagram to give us a behind the scenes look at the brutal make-up magic that creates all those nasty noggins. Check them out here:

The bloody mess we saw in the show’s season opener gave way to a slightly more peaceful plot in Sunday night’s episode. We were introduced to what could be the first genuinely good leader we’ve seen on the show in quite a while.

We’re guessing King Ezekiel and his ferocious feline friend might end up in some more cringe-worthy scenes in further episodes. We’ll just have to keep watching to see what The Walking Dead has in store.  

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