Guess Which UFC Fighter Influenced Ben Affleck’s Fighting Style in ‘Batman v Superman’

It’s not Ronda Rousey.

Ben Affleck is the fifth actor to play Batman in a major motion picture since Michael Keaton brought the The Dark Knight out of hiding in 1989’s Batman. And while his Caped Crusader has a lot in common with those who came before him, Affleck has put his own stamp on the character for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. And that includes updating Batman’s fighting style to something you might see on a Saturday night Pay Per View. 

“He’s like a little bit more of a brawler, he’s more physical,” Affleck recently told Reuters. “You kind of get a feeling of like physical, visceral, slugger thing. So the fights are more smash mouth kind of UFC influenced like Conor McGregor style.”

That’s a cool nod to the UFC’s featherweight champ even if it’s a bit misinformed. McGregor isn’t much a of a brawler. He’s more of a finesse fighter who wins with footwork and submissions. But hey, maybe Affleck knows that and his McGregor comparison is actually a hint at how Dawn of Justice ends: Batman is going to talk a bunch of shit and then get choked out by The Man of Steel.